Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

  For all the heated discussions in our mass and social media in America right now, I'm thankful that we can still have discussions openly and in the light of day.

  Grateful to still live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. How fortunate to have ridden one of our giant steel aircraft carriers across the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans. To have traveled to the pacific, the  mighty Mississippi river.

     What a blessing it is to reach this stage of life that so many never see. Having left too soon we never got to say goodbye to most of them.

  By age fifty we all them in our hearts, the ones that are no longer here. How blessed were we not only to have known them but to carry them in our hearts today?

   To have served this country is an honor. To serve others in daily life is a great gift. However whatever. A clean dish is more important than a perfect presentation at times. Never diminish anyone's role in the world.

  More than anything today I want everybody in the world to find peace within, even if it can't be had without. So easy to see when we are fat and warm, feeling secure in our beds. How lucky are we?

   How many people in the world right now would give anything to have so much food that they could actually feed their family too much?


Thursday, December 6, 2012

A call to action.

  On October 6, I was a mostly happy political activist. One of those 'alternative' independent candidates for the State House of Representatives in Delaware. Attending a candidate's meet and greet for Independent and Libertarian candidates in Dover Delaware everything changed.

  At the Minority Outreach Center in Dover Delaware a small group of citizens came to meet us. They weren't looking for information on who to vote for. There had been a death in the community ruled a suicide that many felt was a homicide. Another man had been attacked and the people present felt that racism was preventing the Dover Police from properly investigating the assault. Additionally, the men who reportedly assaulted the second man had also reportedly confessed to killing the man whose death was ruled a suicide.

  The other five candidates did the smart thing and ran from that story like it was a hand grenade dipped in a horrible virus. I have taken the oath of office four times, meant it every single time. With no official standing I didn't know what I could do to help the people who came to meet us, but I would try.

   One activist, Dr. Issa also told me he had been falsely arrested at a student protest occurring at Delaware State Univerity and fired. He claimed that he was 'set up'. Having worn a badge as a Special Police Officer in Washington D.C. in venues are varied as Union Station, Public Housing, and Embassy row, this was not a credible claim to me.

  On Tuesday December 4, 2012 in the Court of Common Pleas Dover Delaware, Kent County Courthouse, Courtroom six I heard one patrolman Buchwald and Delaware State University Public Safety Chief Harry Downs give testimony against Dr. Issa. They claimed that Dr. Issa had used foul language and hit the Chief in the chest with a forearm or elbow strike, and resisted arrest.

  The claim was that even though Dr. Issa was engaged in exercising his first amendment rights he had become disorderly when approached by Chief Downs, offensively touched Chief Downs, and subsequently resisted arrest. Chief Downs further testified that he had only initially touched Dr. Issa in a calming manner.

  The day after that testimony word reached some students at DSU regarding the proceedings. One student decided it was time to upload a cell phone video taken the day of the protest showing Chief Downs and Patrolman Buchwald arresting Dr. Issa.

  The story told by Chief Downs doesn't match what the video shows. Even though I've worked with Dr. Issa on the issues in Dover regarding the alleged lynching of Johnny Clark and the assault on Henry J. Fordham. ( see http://troubleindover.blogspot.com/2012/11/is-first-state-dead-last-in-civil-rights.html ) I could not believe his account of the arrest until I saw that video. Dr. Issa appeared to be one hundred percent accurate and it appears that the Chief and Buchwald might not be entirely truthful.

  I don't think Chief Downs and Patrolman Buchwald are mistaken because of the similarities in their testimony. One could suggest conspiracy here given the discrepancies between the testimony of both men and the video evidence.

 This is corruption of the worst sort. Police making up false charges to deprive Dr. Issa of his academic freedom and first amendment rights. The reversible errors I witnessed Tuesday afternoon were shocking. Please sign the petition for Dr. Issa. http://www.change.org/petitions/justice-for-dr-jahi-issa

  Times are tough for all of us. I've donated to Dr. Issa's legal defense fund and beg anyone who can spare any amount to do so as well. The State is trying to bleed Dr. Issa dry financially with a very expensive and drawn out trial for trivial misdemeanors. Please donate what you can. Any and all amounts are appreciated. http://hbcuinstitute.org/

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Dover City Council, always a barrel of fun!! Eshed Alston, local paralegal and no stranger to the counsel was gavel'd down and the police chief was asked to remove him from the chamber before he yielded. Mr. Alston was addressing the counsel on the proposed name change of a city street to have a Dr. Martin King Avenue.

  Mr. Aslton was talking about a recent controversy concerning the city's position that two African American Men have committed suicide within a half mile of each other by hanging themselves from trees in the last two years. One a local barber and another a star athlete freshman at Wesley College.

  A third man, one Henry J. Fordham portends to have been assaulted at Silver Lake park by two individuals. Police have indicated that they will not investigate any report of an assault on this man because they found his explanation of how he came to be in the company of his assailants untrue and that this individual was known to police as a criminal involved with drugs.

  The city's version of these events is questioned and there is no excuse for the assault of Henry J. Fordham on September 21, 2012 at Silver Lake Park some time before 0600 hours to be dismissed by the police. A complaint should be taken and investigated. To refuse to do so violates Henry Fordham's civil rights.

   Mr. Alston mean to tie the treatment of the African American community real and perceived to the issue of having a Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard in terms of what it meant to the African American community.

  A white speaker in the same forum was allowed to speak overtime and off topic. This appears to be a clear case of discrimination, the only question to be answered pertains to motive. Was Mr. Alston treated in a disparate manner and deprived of his first amendment rights due to his content or was it his color?

 Do I know what that gavel means? I think I get it. Black people hanging from trees are always suicides, if the police think you aren't a good enough person others can assault and murder you without prosecution, and no major streets are getting a name change to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.  Doesn't mean I'm going along with that agenda.

 Then there were two ladies who almost got into it in the lobby. But that's almost overload to discuss at this point ain't it?


Friday, November 9, 2012

  Happening now:

    Rather than address now more than thirty documented complaints from citizens against the Kent County SPCA ranging from animal cruelty, false arrest, unfounded allegations resulting in children being seized from their mother's home by the state, Jennifer Ranji and Senate Majority leader Blevins (D) have decided to have a legislative task force to co-ordinate animal welfare services statewide.

  That's right, with black people hanging from trees in Dover and a racist leaflet campaign, with four student suicides in the student population at Polytech High School, this is what we need to focus on in this economy. Let's make sure we don't address existing problems and to make sure everybody knows this is Jack Markell's Delaware lets put the main problem, Kevin Usilton Executive Director of the KCSPCA on the task force.

    Looks to me like a setup to grant statewide animal control to KCSPCA. We won't get into their political activity which may violate 501c(3) rules in another post.  http://awtf101812samardzanotes.blogspot.com/

   Also waiting to hear back from other activists on progress or lack thereof into reviewing two suicides in Dover Delaware that happened to involve two black men hanging from trees within blocks of each other in a two year period with a racist leaflet campaign in urban Dover between the deaths.

 Look for an update soon on this blog: http://troubleindover.blogspot.com/2012/11/is-first-state-dead-last-in-civil-rights.html

  Congratulations to all those who won their elections, best of luck restoring our country to greatness.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's been a while since they had it Dougie style(d).

       This is the new place holder for Doublebad.net . Issues I am working on will be linked from here. Front burner right now is http://troubleindover.blogspot.com/. My campaign blog is going inactive for a while. Actually right now am pursuing building a team to work for another indie candidate.

     Thanks for stopping by. List of links is coming soon.